HOT **potch

Marseillan through the "Eye of a Needle"

Marseillan has been described as being "like St Tropez before Bardot." Maybe! Depends on who's behind the lens. An alternative view of my home town Marseillan in the South of France using Fuji FP3000B instant B&W film and a home-made POLAROID pinhole camera.

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Exploring XEROX Lithography

You have to be of a certain age to remember the word "XEROX", the generic word for a photocopy back in the sixties/early seventies. Over the years the use of the term has faded somewhat but gives you some idea of how long the technique, currently having renewed interest, has been around.

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Madlab 3e Concours 2018

PESSIMISME ou OPTIMISME? Affiches Imaginaires - one of the artworks and prizewinner at MADLAB 3e CONCOURS 2018 at the Domaine de Taboureich, Marseillan.

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