Exhuberance is Beauty!

Back in September 2018 I visted a scrap metal merchant in Sarlat France. Saw some copper and zinc plate which I like for gravure. Negotiated a decent price and bought all 33 kilos. Noticed most of it was wrapped and labelled. Kept stum, paid my money and got out. Turns out I just bought thirty-five fully etched plates by French printmaker and painter Serge Arnoux in a surrealistic style, twenty-six of which were based on the "Proverbs of Hell" from the Marriage of Heaven and Hell by William Blake. Going to print them all without alteration with full accreditation to the artist Serge Arnoux. The blog will detail the journey from the discovery though print to ultimately an exhibition.  Below are two of the printed plates, seventy lines from the "Proverbs of Hell" all in French. These have been meticulously etched onto copper plate in reverse. Can't imagine how long it must have took! The actual title for the project is line 64 "Exuberance is Beauty!" (Luxuriance ô Beauté!)

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