Dark Mirror

All the photo images in the booklet are Polaroid image transfer and emulsion lift using pull apart instant land film which develops in about a minute, so if the process is interrupted and the film is pulled apart, the dyes can be made to transfer to another surface. The imperfections of the process, including color shift and unique texture, impart a unique and individual aesthetic. In emulsion lift you float the emulsion off the surface of a fully developed print positive by ‘cooking’ it in very hot water. The thin layer of emulsion is then applied to a receiver of paper or just about any kind of surface. Folds and wrinkles are inherent in the process. The monotypes are mainly lino or woodcuts using water based inks, produced quickly and based on a personal reaction to the photo images.  The cover is a recycled diary and address book, the paper recycled square school sheets from the 1950s.