Campbell Here

I was given exactly the same names as my dad but, to reduce family confusion, I was always called by my middle name, Campbell. When I leftThornhill to go to Edinburgh in the early 70's I decided to use my actual first name of Robert, thinking it was somehow more grown-up than the name I had used throughout my childhood.

For thirty years my dad kept a small diary recording snippets of his and my mum's daily life, mainly mundane things like the weather, appointments, ailments etc. Shortly after my mum died in 2000 he gave me the diaries. A few entries included "Campbell here", a reference to whenever I paid them a visit. Reading them made a big impact on me and led me to question whether I had made enough effort to be there. It also reinforced for me that the name was an important link to my past and became the backdrop to the work "Campbell Here." I should add that I am still called Robert by everyone with the exception of my relatives and old school friends who continue to address me as Campbell.

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