About the Work

The work is a combination of printmaking, photography, words and poetry and consists of stories both factual and fictional. The dateline is an indication of when each project started. You can go direct from the narrative to the image galleries or click from the drop-down menu. In the last section you can read a little about me and my background!


Through the looking glass into the head and forgotten world of Christian Vidalier. Wooden and cast bronze sculptures.

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Blash o God

" By a lock of their hair they hoped to fly to Heaven" A portfolio of poems and etchings based on the true story of "The Buchanites" a religious cult from the 1700s in Scotland. Collaboration with Hugh Mcmillan.

Learn MoreDec 15, 2018

Bridge to Cézanne

A box of found 35mm slides of the French landscape, some Fuji FP100C instant colour film and a vintage Polaroid Polaprinter slide copier! Seems as good a place as any to try and recreate a series of imaginary landscapes with due deference to Paul Cézanne.

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Exhuberance is Beauty!

It’s not so easy to find or write something new about William Blake. Hopefully, this ongoing blog might just be an exception. Copper plate etchings by Serge Arnoux based on the Proverbs of Hell.

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The photographs in this series were taken with a variety of pinhole cameras. "Like looking through the eye of a needle."

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A short and somewhat obscure title for a series of photographs. Photo montages from found negatives from circa 1922 - 1926 bought at a "flea market" in Cazals France. A lifetime of memories of an unknown French family unlocked.

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Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon in which the mind responds to a stimulus, usually an image by perceiving a familiar pattern where none exists. This work uses Fuji FP100C and SX70 instant film in combination with a variety of Polaroid cameras to create abstract and altered montages. You will see what you want to see!

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Dark Mirror

A booklet of transfer and emulsion lift images using pull apart instant land film combined with linocut and drypoint etchings.

Learn MoreSep 18, 2017

Campbell Here

At first glance you might think my name is some fancy double-barrelled moniker but the truth is something quite different. A set of images about loss and memories made with a toy camera called a "Diana."

Learn MoreJan 11, 2001

Exhibition Archive

Photos from the most recent exhibition are available in the gallery "RIEN". A selection older exhibitions in the gallery 2001 - 2018.

Learn MoreMay 01, 2001

A Little Bit About Me

The timeline says 1953 which of course makes me 66 years old. Before 2000 I never really made any art however ........

Learn MoreJul 09, 1953