Robert Campbell Henderson

photokennel printmaking : polaroid : photography The Poetry Connection An on-going collaboration with Scottish poet Hugh Mcmillan Upcoming Exhibition Temporal Tracings "L’ Atelier de Melusine" 11 may - 29 june 2019 Curated by Sally Annett

Temporal Tracings

Temporal Traces – Magical Manuscripts Ancient and Modern Prints, Traces, Poems and Voice

One of the oldest ruined castle sites in France provides the venue for Temporal Traces, Magical Manuscripts, a unique international exhibition of prints, tracings, photography, film, spoken word and poetry which explores how images and words are lost, found and reconfigured across time.

  • Date: 11/05/2019 18:00 - 29/06/2019 18:00
  • Location: L’Atelier Melusine. La Trimouille 86290 France (Map)

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